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Babies were born to breastfeed…

How many times do we hear that during our pregnancy and in the immediate weeks postpartum? Yes, of course they were born to breastfeed, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need a little help getting there…

Welcome to South Jersey Breastfeeding Center, an office based lactation clinic,created to help you and your baby breastfeed successfully.  We all measure success in different ways, our goal is to help you reach your desired breastfeeding goals. Whether you plan to breastfeed exclusively, pump and provide your baby breastmilk by bottle or anywhere in between, we can help you have the best possible breastfeeding experience.

We look forward to hearing from you,

Avery and Jen

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What our clients say

This what our patients say about South Jersey Breast Feeding Center

  • Jennifer Duckles was my lactation consultant while I was in the hospital and after. She taught me various ways to position my daughter during feeding and worked with me through the painful first two weeks. Her calm and friendly instruction was so helpful. I never felt pressured or judged. She made my early breast feeding experience a positive one and set me up for success. Her help was invaluable and I can't recommend her highly enough.


  • The initial help in the hospital after my c-section was important. However it was the continuing support and guidance that Avery gave me that helped me reach my breast feeding goals. With out her I don't know if it would have made them. After having my son, Avery became a friend that I looked forward to seeing every week. She helped me through the challenges of breast feeding and gave me the strength and power to breast feed my son through the first year of his life

    Bernie M. ,

  • I always knew I wanted to breastfeed my baby for the first year. When I had my son he would not latch on in the hospital. Avery came to see me at the hospital and helped me get started. I did not know that it would be so difficult. We had a rough few months with lots of breast-feeding issues, but Avery was there to guide me through it with her positive attitude and encouragement. She was knowledgeable and very patient. She always had time to meet with me and motivated me not to quit. If it was not for all of Avery's guidance through the first months I would have never gotten through that first year. Avery had such a positive impact on my breastfeeding experience. I would recommend her to anyone. I will always appreciate all of the help she gave me.

    Joanna L. ,

  • "Avery is the superhero of breastfeeding. I was so terrified and unsure when my first child was born and I had no idea what to do. After one consultation with Avery I was able to breastfeed comfortably and confidently. I was so impressed with her knowledge that she was my go to resource for the whole first year of my son's life. Thank you Avery. You are amazing!"


  • Shortly after I had my first son, I had a tough time breastfeeding him. Nothing seemed to be working and I became really concerned that there was something wrong with him or myself. So, I decided to take him to see a lactation consultant and was lucky enough to meet with Avery. Within twenty minutes or so, she said "that's why he's not latching on, he has a tongue tie!" I had no idea what that meant but she soon educated me. With emotions of relief and new concern, she assured me that if I really wanted to, I could still breastfeed. She advised me that I could rent a breastpump and stimulate my body to produce milk. Although I didn't end up successful at it, I was still able to provide my baby with about one bottle of breastmilk daily for a couple of weeks. When I had my second son, I became determined to succeed in breastfeeding him. This time around, we looked in his mouth as soon as he was born and was needless to say, incredibly relieved that he was not born with a tongue tie. When he was about two months old, I began attending the New Mommy Mixers led by Avery at the WomensCare Center in Henderson, NV. This was a special group where new mothers could discuss any topic related to being a parent. It was great to come to a place where you could be with your baby and meet other mothers who were in the same exact place. Although I had one child already, I still gained so much knowledge by hearing other mothers discuss their experiences. With my second child, I ended up breastfeeding him for about a year and a half. I truly feel that Avery has played such a positive role in the lives of numerous mothers through her words of encouragement, support, and her true love of sharing what she knows about being a parent. I know she will continue to teach, support, and inspire new mothers on a daily basis!

    Jennifer S.,